Valentino chose brand ambassador Zendaya for the Act Collection FW21 campaign.

Zendaya is at the centre of a magnetic stage

Prestigious and impactful OOH locations in Milan, New York and Los Angeles were selected to enhance the star of the campaign.As the objective of Valentino’s campaign was to give back the spotlight to theatres and stages, whilst leveraging Zendaya’s relevance, the Milan activation included an innovative OOH creative concept development, where a set of 3D real-life red curtains were added as a frame around the creative. The special billboard was enhanced by a game of lights to resemble theatre lighting and was located in the very central Via Moscova, a trendy area in Milan.

valentino 1920valentino 1920

The L.A. wallscape

L.A. featured a high-impact wallscape in an iconic location (Sunset Strip) that was functional to galvanize all passengers, due to the immense size of the wall and the seamless match with the campaign’s creative content.

valentino LAvalentino LA
valentino LA 1920valentino LA 1920

A 5-stack billboard in Times Square

The Theatre remains at the centre of the campaigns’ creative in New York, where a 5-stack billboard synergically captures the prestige of this talent fiercely wearing Valentino. At the forefront a high-impact horizontal billboard featuring Zendaya laying on bright red seats –giving spotlight to theatres and stages in an unconventional, yet powerful way.

Valentino NYValentino NY
valentino milano 1920valentino milano 1920
valentino NYvalentino NY