Salvatore Ferragamo

Let’s Dance Campaign

Out There creates and produces an artful concept for the new Salvatore Ferragamo short film ‘Let’s Dance’.

Let’s Dance!

The film brings on stage professional dancers Anita Lorusso, Naomi Weijand and Tania Dimbelolo who evoke a sense of free-spirited freedom through a refined and contemporary choreography.

Capturing a symbolic dialogue between rhythmic movement and Ferragamo’s footwear…

Each protagonist embodies their inner whimsy, playfulness and bliss through the art of dance.

Director Danielle Lessovitz. Photographer Andy Massaccessi.

Ferragamo 980 CompositFerragamo 980 Composit
Ferragamo 1920 01Ferragamo 1920 01
Ferragamo 1920 02Ferragamo 1920 02
Ferragamo 1920 04Ferragamo 1920 04