Immersive Worlds

On occasion of Natuzzi Italia’s B2B and B2C presentations of the Circle of Harmony: Live the Transition collection, Out There has worked in synergy with 101% for the realisation of “Immersive Worlds”, a truly mesmerising experience.

The virtualisation of products and its stories

Immersive Worlds, Natuzzi Italia's invitation-only virtual event, guided its participants through the Apulian roots of the Circle of Harmony: Live the Transition collection.
Users were indulged in a tour of the four virtually-created Mediterranean worlds and were introduced to the eight designers behind the collection. Real-life product rooms were available for interaction and 3D item discovery.


Natuzzi 450 01Natuzzi 450 01
Natuzzi 450 02Natuzzi 450 02

In September 2021, Natuzzi Italia’s physical presence at Milan Design Week 2021 was enriched by a digital experience accessible here.

The bespoke website hosted all of the eight designer portals that drove users to their dedicated product room to learn about their unique stories and discover their 3D product features.