Moncler took over New York, Tokyo and Milan to launch its 2021 Global Mondogenius Event - a digital journey sharing the creative visions of 11 GENIUS designers from around the world.

Moncler 1920 11Moncler 1920 11

Out There supported the brand in New York, Tokyo and Milan.

The campaign ran on premium digital assets in two iconic locations: Times Square and Shibuya Crossing. The goal of the communication included capturing creative contents for the digital event and creating buzz around the upcoming launch. The impactful synchronized digital screens were selected for an hourly takeover. The planning in Milan included a coverage of digital street furniture and screens in the busiest and trendiest areas of the city.


Moncler 1920 01Moncler 1920 01

A Wild Posting activation and street furniture was launched in key European cities to create buzz. The QR code allowed the brand to engage with their audience inviting everyone to become a part of Mondogenius' story.

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