Cover Project Foundation

Snow Cover Project

The Cover Project Foundation strives to protect glaciers around the world, powered by a committee of scientists and universities.

Out There partnered with the Cover Project Foundation, working pro-bono on shaping its brand identity and scouting corporate potential partners that believe in the cause.

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Glaciers are sentinels of climate change. They are the most visible evidence of global warming today.

Born in Switzerland, the Cover Project foundation promotes the protection of frozen freshwater reservoirs for the sustainable safeguarding of water supplies in Switzerland and abroad.

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The Snow Cover methodology

A team of scientists has developed the Snow Cover technology aimed at covering glaciers with an artificial snow sprinkler system, in order to considerably slow down the melting and the progressive retreat of the glaciers.

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The Diavolezza Experiment

In December 2020 the Cover Project Foundation team has already tested the technology on the Swiss Diavolezza glacier at 2978m for a snow cover covering a length of 30/40m. Following the results of this test, a larger experiment will be done on the nearby Covartsch glacier, covering an area of 600m.

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